UK Fast Becoming “Dirty Britain” As Nation Fail To Keep A Clean Home


Did you know that your house is most likely full of dust mites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould?!  These pests and diseases build up throughout the home over a period of time, so as clean as your house may appear, it is probably not at all. The experts at Elias Complete Care believe we are fast becoming ‘Dirty Britain’, simply because we can’t be bothered to keep a clean and tidy home or we are just too busy!

Their research has shown that all the extra cleaning steps left out of your day to day routine have a much bigger impact than what initially meets the eye. It has even been reported recently that healthcare professionals believe that cleanliness of the home plays a critical role against fighting infectious disease. With this in mind are we really unable to make time for a top to bottom spring clean just once a year?

Haskell Elias, Founder and CEO of London’s Elias Complete Care Service, comments:

“Unfortunately, we are unable to see just how many germs are around us, as I am sure we would not be discussing the case of ‘Dirty Britain’ otherwise. There are many unseen dangers throughout the home threatening the health and wellbeing of yourself and your family. Starting up Elias Complete Care Service, our aim is to get Britain back on track. Cleaning your home from top to bottom will decrease your health risks leaving you with a happy home. Although we will never live bacteria free, we can certainly take control.”

Facts About Household Pests and Diseases:

  • In regular conditions, certain bacteria can divide every 20 seconds, spreading rapidly.
  • Although our immune system protects us against germs and viruses, there are many unrecognized, spreading and entering our bodies making us ill. Eliminating bacteria can be done simply by focusing on cleaning the hotspots.

A cleaning act primarily done in the first warm days of the year, the tradition of the Spring Clean is one we need to be keeping alive. If you really are too busy, simply can’t be bothered, or you just want to get your hands dirty, call on Elias Complete Care who are more than happy to help.

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