Tony Drury, the novelist and City financier, has accepted an invitation to support HEART UK – the Nation’s Cholesterol Charity – as an ambassador. HEART UK is committed to raising awareness about the risks of high cholesterol by lobbying for better detection of those at risk and supporting health professional’s training programmes. HEART UK also works with a variety of partners to promote healthier lifestyle options.

Tony recently became aware of the charity and the important work they do just before the launch of his third novel, a romantic thriller also called ‘Cholesterol’. The book launch in a city wine bar last month was attended by city colleagues, journalists and friends. Copies of the latest book and other City Fiction publications, ‘Megan’s Game’, and ‘The Deal’ were gifted to guests in return for generous donations to HEART UK.

As an ambassador Tony will participate in patient days , speak at events, play in golf days and arrange fund-raising events.

Half of all heart attacks are caused by raised cholesterol; 6 in 10 adults in the UK have this condition and every 6 minutes in the UK someone dies from a heart attack. HEART UK is the only charity in the UK dedicated to supporting people with raised cholesterol and other blood fats and also supporting healthcare professionals treating these conditions.

In true Drury style, Tony has set himself an immediate challenge and is writing a short story to be published by City Fiction; all proceeds will go to HEART UK.

‘Hannah’s Choice’ is the story of a young police constable based in Holborn. She loves London and lives up to the Hebrew translation of her name, ‘grace’ and ‘passion’. Hannah has a closely guarded secret which results in her deciding to find a husband. There are three possible suitors: Heppie, Chris and Gonzales. The love of her life, Mel, agrees to help and creates a plan. They will point score each man. Hannah makes her choice – with unexpected consequences.

‘Hannah’s Choice’, will be released and available exclusively to buy in support of National Cholesterol Week 14th – 20th October 2013.

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