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Addicted to controlling weight through reducing life-saving jabs, diabulimia has become an extremely dangerous diet habit for those with Type 1 diabetes.

‘I didn’t want to lose any more weight, I was just so scared of putting it back on. It had become an addiction, or a compulsion – skipping the injections made me feel in control, but it I was dying.’

Diabulimia is considered to be a dual diagnosis disorder; where one has diabetes as well as an eating disorder. Those who suffer from this become addicted to controlling their weight through reducing their life saving jabs of insulin. Diabulimia comes along with very serious side effects! Not only is it putting your life at risk due to the lack of insulin, it can also cause hair loss, blindness and even death.

This latest survey from, the largest patient to patient diabetes community in Europe, showed more than 87 per cent of respondents had experienced symptoms of diabetes-related eating disorders, with 97 per cent believing more could be done to raise general awareness of this condition.

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