The Sun Address the Myths of Type 1 Diabetes – Diabetes week 2016

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The themes of the 2016 diabetes awareness week is setting the record straight about diabetes.

Mum of 5 Jodie has 3 children with type one diabetes, each morning is like a military operation, checking the kids glucose level and ensuring each gets the correct dosage of insulin, can sometimes be a challenge.

Managing her children health as well as devoting her time to raise awareness of diabetes, with the help of, Jodie is a real hero. However she often get criticised, ignorance means that she has often been blamed for her children condition with people suggesting poor diet is the cause of their type one diabetes- far from the truth. Type one diabetes is a non preventable autoimmune condition.

Earlier this year ‘The Sun’ spoke to Jodie, the article described a day in the life of the Ward household as well as giving Jodie the opportunity to tell the public the facts about type 1 diabetes.

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