The Potty with a nightlight!

lumipotti has reviewed LumiPotti, the potty with a sensored nightlight!

LumiPotti is the potty with a twist. While it does the basic job, it also goes a step further.

Potty training is difficult for anyone at the best of times, and some parents choose to work on staying dry during the daytime before proceeding onto nights. With LumiPotti, the potty with a detachable nightlight, you can get it all done in one go.

The nightlight detects the movement of the child sitting up in bed, and will light up. If there has been no movement for 60 seconds or the child lies back down, the light will go off. It’s a bright light, so your child will be sure to see it!

As the child progresses to going to the bathroom, they can take the nightlight with them to light their way.

When you clean the LumiPotti you have to remove the nightlight for obvious reasons. We found it hard to pull it out of the empty potty, and realised that if there were ‘potty contents’ inside it, it would have splashed out and caused a terrible mess. We’d recommend giving it a quick and careful rinse before taking giving it a thorough clean.

Apart from the difficulty of removing the light, we found the LumiPotti to be lightweight yet durable, easy to clean, and overall, does the job for which it is intended!

You can buy your LumiPotti from Amazon, or additional stockists listed on theLumiPotti site, available in Vanilla and Green.