Surgeon Miles Berry talks about cosmetic surgery LIVE from the Visual Contour Medi Spa in Cardiff



Tune in this evening, Thursday 27th March
and hear expert surgeon Miles Berry speaking at
Visual Contour Medi Spa in Cardiff

Not to worry if you can’t make it as we will be showing the live broadcast online!

If you wish to watch the live broadcast and have the opportunity to ask him questions at the end of the talk please head over to our google+ page and follow us, you will need to hit attend on our event page which you can find by clicking here

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Join the event
Watch on youtube

Please note that watching on youtube will be live but you will not have the opportunity to ask live questions.

This is the first time we will be trying something like this, so we are just as excited as you are! In case you have any questions please contact us through your preferred link at the bottom of the email. We hope to see you online.

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For more information on Miles Berry, please click here.