Sean Wilson’s Great Northern Cookbook is back on Food Network.

Sean’s culinary adventure of the North is back throughout August on the Food Network channel. Tune in tomorrow morning to see Sean board The Scarborough Flyer, a classic locomotive from the 1920s. His challenge is to cook lunch for a carriage full of local dignitaries but this is a lot easier said than done, since the train’s kitchen is only just big enough for Sean to turn around in. To make matters worse, Sean has a disaster with his gelatin. All in all, the train is not the only thing that works up a head of steam on the trip from Crewe to Scarborough!

Sean’s next culinary challenge is to persuade 30 guests at a Blackpool B&B to rekindle their love affair for a local delicacy by serving up the best black pudding in the North for breakfast. Will the plates come back to the kitchen clean or will Sean be left with a mountain of blood sausage?

From Blackpool he heads to Manchester, to work an eight-hour night shift at Smithfield Market, packing and selling veg. He then cooks up a vegetarian Indian feast in the car park for 120 of his co-workers. He ends up in Ripon, where he challenges the city’s residents to a traditional apple and cheese pie bake-off. It appears that Sean’s biggest challenger is a four year-old!


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