Marinika Smirnova – Model, Actress and Star of Meet the Russians


Marinika Smirnova grew up in Moscow and it was obvious from a very young age that she had a natural flare for performing. Marinika was a professional gymnast from the age of 7, an award winning synchronised swimmer as well as being an exceptional ballet dancer which she practiced religiously. At the age of 15 Marinika caught the eye of one of Moscow’s top music producers, and immediately she was enlisted on his new dance project, SWEET.  She became the leading performer and travelled all over Russia supporting Russia’s top pop stars.  She was cast in numerous music videos as a dancer and model.

By 18 Marinika was signed to Modus Vivendis, a top modelling agency in Moscow, and she graced the covers of FHM, GQ, and Marie Claire. Marinika enjoyed modelling but also enrolled in intensive acting courses with Russia’s top acting coaches.  The results of her training spoke for themselves as Marinika won the Mrs Russia 2008 Contest on national television.

Following her success as Mrs Russia 2008, Marinika was cast as the presenter on Russian prime time channel Stolitsya. Marinikas commercial and creative contributions were noticed by the production team, and she assisted on production as well as being a presenter. At present Marinika still occasionally works with Channel Stolitsa in the production of some of their lifestyle television programs, commercials, documentaries and feature films.

Marinika and her now ex-husband had to flee to London for their own security after her husband fell out with Vladimir Putin. Recently divorced she now lives with her one-year-old daughter in Kensington. She is a main character on a new 10 part series on Fox called ‘Meet the Russians’. The programme is a fly-on-the-wall series following the lavish lives of Russia’s elite in London.


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