‘Madonna And The Pen’ set to storm the US as the title releases this autumn.

The debut novel from Scottish author Dick Barton is set for release in the US this autumn. ‘Madonna and The Pen’ published by Austin  Macaulay, is an inspiring and intriguing modern spiritual interpretation of an apparition of ‘The Virgin Mary’.

Glasgow born writer Dick Barton admits the Holy Mother was the last thing he would’ve chosen to write about, and doesn’t describe himself as being religious. ‘I never wrote it on a PC, it was all by hand and I felt my hand was being guided by something else’ said Dick. ‘It was a very weird feeling; I was just like a channel for the Virgin Mary to write through. Sometimes it would bring tears to my eyes, bring me to my knees – this was the strength of feeling I had.’

Images of horror and anguish convince Sophie that her world is in disarray as she witnesses bizarre images that torment her soul. With little aid from the doctor on her psychological status, she eventually turns to her brother James, an esteemed Priest, and the one person who will help her to unravel the mysterious events that are about to unfold. As they together begin to investigate the unearthly happenings, their closest friends become involved, and as their numbers grow it becomes clear that their purpose is to unite against the evil that awaits them.

Dick Barton composes a supernatural tale that will intrigue the mind with the turn of each page. For eleven youths who have yet to discover the reasoning for their involvement in such an unnerving phenomena, they are compelled to follow the wishes of the ‘Virgin Mary’ in the hope that they will succeed in their endeavours.

The book is a personal triumph for Dick who left school at 15 with no qualifications. Following the success of the book in the UK, Dick was thrilled to hear that Barnes & Noble, the largest book retailer in the World, are planning to stock and distribute the title to up to 700 outlets in the US as well as independent retailers. ‘There has also been interest in making a film of the book, producers from Pinewood Studios have told me it will make a great movie’ said Dick. His second book, the sequel Madonna and The Sirens is almost finished and he has also started writing The Black Rose, a true crime based story with a real and shocking storyline. A successful entrepreneur, international gallery owner and art dealer, Dick now devotes his time to the metaphysical world. He divides his time between London, Glasgow and Marbella.


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