Jean-Christophe Novelli gives deserving Dad a Father’s Day surpirse!

With Father’s Day this Sunday, all week Daybreak are surprising deserving dads across the country with an extra day off! This morning  Jean-Christophe Novelli teamed up with Daybreak to surprise dad Martin Hulmes who works as a builder in Manchester. Martin was nominated by his wife Vickie on behalf of his five-year-old daughter Darcie.

Darcie was born prematurely with cerebral palsy and was told by doctors that she would spend most of her life in a wheelchair. Martin has worked tirelessly to raise £45,000 to send her to America for life-changing surgery. Martin who loves to cook has been given a day at the Novelli Academy where he will spend the day learning new culinary skills from Jean-Christophe himself!


Watch here:

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