Jane Michell Comments on Protecting your Business from Cyber Crime, Director Magazine

HI RES JANE FOR MAGAZINE 10153_099Jane Michell CEO/Founder of Jane Plan and seven other business leaders joined IoD director general Simon Walker to give their views on how SME owners can protect their company and its data from hackers, cyber crimes and other online attacks. In the round table discussion which took place on November 20th the panel debated, whether companies were taking sufficient steps to ensure that data it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands? as well as many other significant questions. The article is extremely informative offering practical advice. Jane herself contributed to the debate explaining the importance of specialisation in business, highlighting the advantages of outsourcing the business’ cyber security to an expert commenting “like anything when running a business, you cannot be an expert in every area. Not many people around this table design their own website, they might not run their own social media. Ask an expert to do it for you, because I think it’s slightly unrealistic for SMEs to think they can manage it in-house.”  To read the full article and see Jane and the other panelist’s advice click here.