Introducing Little Big Foot

           Little Big Foot

Mothership Publishing Ltd. are proud to announce the launch of their first interactive children’s story app Little Big Foot, now available for free download on iPad from the App Store. Little Big Foot embraces the future but keeps true to the past, with a new brand of engaging, narrative driven story-telling, giving children aged 5 and under an immersive, educational experience.

Mothership Publishing was founded by Filmmaker and Video Game Creative Director, Alex De Rakoff (‘Need for Speed’, ‘Transformers’, ‘Dead Man Running’) and screenwriter Peter Kline (‘The Living Wake’). This app was written by Peter and developed by Alex. Mothership Publishing is a company that combines timeless stories and unforgettable characters with innovative, cutting edge, interactive design). Mothership seeks to create a library of iconic characters to be launched as interactive children story apps and then distributed across multiple platforms.

Little Big Foot tells the story of a young Big Foot as he travels from the safety of his home in search of an adventure, with dozens of engaging interactions, beautiful illustrations and animations.

Alex De Rakoff comments:
“Mothership melds timeless storytelling with innovative technology – looking to the future whilst embracing the past. It is Mothership’s mission to bring you many other unforgettable characters and worlds, telling timeless stories in a new way.”

For a limited time only download the App for free – click here. Normally priced at £2.99 this offer will be available during this initial launch window. For an insight to this interactive story telling app please click here to view a short trailer.

What others are saying….

“I’m not a huge fan of kids and technology. The story itself didn’t do much for me but Daniel was really engaged with it and stuck with it to the end. We have used the app a few times this week so it must be a winner for him.”
Sarah; Let Them Be Small Blog

“Little Big Foot is a perfect app for us. It is such a sweet story with a nice message; it held Lucas’ interest completely which quite surprised me and we were on the app for about 20 minutes.”
Hayley; Hayley from Home Blog