Introducing Bennett’s for Babies to the UK!

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With more and more companies adding all different chemicals to their lotions and potions, it is hard to know just what we are putting onto our baby’s skin. With the Bennett’s brand having stayed true to the original formula created by a well-established pharmacist, you can be sure your baby is in the safest of hands. After all, Bennetts is the brand helping you care for your baby.

Formulated over 50 years ago by a father and independent pharmacist, Basil Bennett became famous for his baby care products, compounded on demand in his own pharmacy. As a member of the Royal Society of Chemists of Great Britain, he utilised his vast experience to create this range. With his expertly formulated products that effectively treat dry skin, eczema, and help to prevent and heal nappy rash, Bennett’s has been a firm favourite of Mums and Dad’s for decades. Trusted and reliable, Bennett’s is a house hold name and one of the best-selling baby care brands in South Africa.

The full range includes baby bum crème – easy to rub in, preventing as well as healing nappy rash, the nipple cream – allowing you to breast feed without the need to wash off, aqueous cream – absorbs quickly and suitable for moisturizing all over, bath drops – keeping the skin silky smooth, and the one of a kind bum buddy traveller – perfect for mums and dad’s on the move.

Distributed in the UK by Hampton Brands, the range is currently available to buy in independent pharmacists, online through Amazon, and has recently launched into large Morrison’s stores across the country. April 2015 will see the innovative and unique Travel Bum Buddy hit the UK market, offering mums and dads convenient and lightweight wipes and bum cream combo pack, completely different to anything currently available.

What people are saying…

I did expect the bath drops to make the bath quite greasy and possibly leave that awful oily film on your skin but they didn’t. They’re actually really good! I’ve been adding a few drops of this to the little man’s bath each night and his skin feels even softer than usual. He usually gets a little dry skin on his calves but it’s cleared up nicely.”

Carly; Rock and Roll Pussycat

“The Travel Buddy is the best invention ever! It’s a convenient little pack containing bum cream and wet wipes, a great space saver for the changing bag”

Rebecca; Mum of a Premature Baby

Passionate and committed to keeping your baby happy and healthy, the Bennett’s family continue their father’s legacy, building a business on a foundation of quality and care.

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