Fancy a Snog? The man behind the frozen yoghurt that Unilever has invested in

Co-founder Robert Baines is anything but frosty about his business ambitions.

Look around you, Londoners, and you’d find many a snogging hotspot. There’s one hidden in Convent Garden, another in the middle of South Kensington and one slap-bang in the middle of Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush.

No, we’re not talking about London’s make-out hideaways. We’re talking about frozen yoghurt brand Snog, which has 12 outlets around the world, including seven in London and others in Kuwait, Pakistan, Columbia and Dubai.

The idea behind the five-year-old firm, known for its cheeky catchphrases like “You’ll never forget your first snog”, is to provide delights that are “fat free, made with organic yoghurt and organic milk”.

It all started when Canadian-born investment banker Robert Baines ditched the number crunching for the entrepreneurial life, and set up catering outlets at Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral, followed by Tinto Coffee shop in Fulham.

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