EPIC Energy features in The Grocer!


With rising consumer and society interest in health and controlled consumption, EPIC energy drink launches its revolutionary new energy drink in a re-sealable 330ml drink in the UK.

Created as an energy drink that vitalizes the body and nerves, it gives the nutrients and vitamins needed to focus, increase concentration and endurance. EPIC energy’s smooth flavour & sleek innovative 330 ML re-sealable black matte finish can has already attracted a lot of eyeballs and attaining success at International Food & Beverage Awards like Gulf Food, SIAL China Innovation, SIAL Paris Innovation, etc. and successfully gaining access to global markets.

Aiming to change the dynamics of the energy drink market, the most exciting aspect of EPIC energy has been its revolutionary re-sealable Packaging making it an ideal on the go drink and encouraging responsible consumption in controlled quantities; since it does not need to be consumed in one go unlike other competitor’s drinks in the market, which eventually tend to lose carbonation once left for too long after opening.

It is the perfect energy drink choice for a busy ‘on the go’ and, sometimes demanding, lifestyle – city workers, motorists, sports enthusiasts, adrenalin junkies or just for fun!

Promotional price of 99p, and has had a better than expected sales results from this channel.

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