Skye Holland, a contemporary artist, trained in Fine Art at world famous Central St. Martins School of Art.

Spotted by Jayson Samuel of Artisan Direct, New York, Skye’s most recent project ‘The Emmanuelle Collection’ has been especially selected to exhibit on his stand this year at SPECTRUM Miami.

‘The Emmanuelle Collection’ is a series of provocative and sensual real-life drawings of women commissioned or invited by Skye to her loft studio close to the River Thames in South West London. These intimate drawings in the ‘boudoir’ tradition depict how these women want to be seen and how they see themselves.

‘Stripped down to mainly black and white graphics, with some use of mixed media/colour – I focus on capturing the ‘essence ‘of the models who come to my studio’ says Skye, ‘Sometimes the drawings are fast, and I use expressive mark-making and experience with a line to capture form, curves, structure in an economic and almost fashion-illustrative way – elegant and stylish. Other times, it is a much more lengthy study, where I can add tone, texture, describe form, fabric, pattern and latterly, adding accoutrements, fashion and detailing which the models might bring with them or which I collect from my travels (and wardrobe) in my studio.   The days are fun, relaxed and quite often the stories told are intimate, funny, sad, amazing and moving…   but none are re-told…unless specifically requested… secrets remain secrets!’

SPECTRUM Miami is active in showcasing ‘emerging’ new talents and promoting mid-career artists. Thousands of international art collectors, gallery owners, dealers, curators and artists descend upon the city for Art Week. CLICK HERE to read more about SPECTRUM Miami.


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