Do Non-Surgical Breast Procedures Actually Work?

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From eye-watering expensive serums and paralysing injections, to going under the knife, there are many ways in which we are able to give our ageing faces a youthful boost in an attempt to turn back the clock. Although, one look down at a woman’s sagging breast’s is certainly a tell-tale sign of ageing.

 The anti-ageing industry is now booming, becoming bigger and better year after year. With the high demand of wanting to reverse both the effects of time and gravity, there are constantly new products on the market, always claiming to be more beneficial than the last.

 With an ageing population battling to keep hold of their youthful looks, our expert surgeon Miles Berry speaks out in the Daily Mail about whether non-surgical breast procedures can really stop your breasts heading south.

 Turn back the clock on your cleavage

 …with a bra that irons out wrinkles as you sleep, lights that blast away age spots, or a Botox boob job

The newest product to reach the market -  Chestsaver Bra, is one of many aimed at women of a certain age. Like many others, Chestsaver Bra claims to banish age revealing imperfections such as chest wrinkles and creases, erasing the present and preventing the future.  Offering support from both below and between the breasts, the way it functions is simple, but does it actually work?

 Looking at how this and other contraptions, lotions and potions could help create a cleavage you may once again be proud to show off, Miles Berry helps with finding out whether they really do what they claim!

 Cosmetic Surgeon Miles Berry offers his expert comment

 The Daily Mail asked our surgeon Miles Berry for his expert verdict on the ChestSaver:

 “Skin around the décolletage appears more wrinkled as it’s very thin, but I think there may be some truth in the claim that when breasts are allowed to lollop about too much, the skin becomes permanently stretched. When placed back into a bra (which moves them towards the centre) this extra skin concertinas and looks wrinkled.”

 Mr Miles Berry is co-author of The Good Boob Bible, available to buy at Amazon

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