Diabetes Week – Facebook Q&A with Diabetes Expert Dr David Cavan

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Diabetes.co.uk is Europe’s largest patient to patient forum with over 200,000 members.
It offers people with diabetes a platform where they can talk, support and help each other.
During Diabetes Week on Thursday 16th June Dr David Cavan will be answering questions
from patients and carers of the diabetes community live from 7pm-8pm. Questions can be
sent in advance or posted to the Facebook and Twitter feed during the live session.
Dr David Cavan MD, FRCP is a medical doctor, who previously worked as a Consultant
Physician at the Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine centre, one of the leading diabetes
centres in the UK. He has expertise in all areas of diabetes management, with particular
interests in intensive management of type 1 diabetes using multiple injections and pump
therapy, and dietary management of type 2 diabetes. He has been involved in the
development of self-management education programmes, including BERTIE (for people with
type 1 diabetes) and the BDEC e-learning programme to teach self-management skills on
insulin dose adjustment. His previous roles include Clinical Director of Medicine at the Royal
Bournemouth Hospital, and Chair of the Education and Psychosocial Section of Diabetes UK,
in which role he contributed to the development of the National Service Framework for
Diabetes. He also co-founded the Diabetes Education Network, which has supported
diabetes centres across the UK in developing structured education programmes.
In 2013 he moved to Brussels to join the International Diabetes Federation as Director of
Policy and Programmes. In this role, he oversees a number of programmes in many countries, aimed at promoting improved care and education for people with diabetes and prevention of type 2 diabetes. His book, Reverse Your Diabetes:The Step-by-Step Plan to Take Control of Type 2 Diabetes was published by Vermillion, an imprint of Random House in November 2014 the quickly became an Amazon Best Seller in the Health Book category.
This year the Reverse Your Diabetes Diet: Take control of type 2diabetes with 60 quick-and-
easy recipes was published. Based on the latest scientific research that shows that weight loss, and in particular reducing visceral fat, when combined with an increase in physical activity has the potential to reverse type 2 diabetes. This book explains clearly the steps that can be taken to control type 2 diabetes and potentially reverse it.
About Diabetes.co.uk
Diabetes.co.uk is the largest patient diabetes community in Europe with over
200k forum members affected by diabetes.