Breast Implants Can Improve Your Sex Life, But The Experts Can’t Agree On Why That May Be

Cosmetic Surgery Partner’s Miles Berry spoke to the Huffington Post today about the claims that breast implants can improve your sex life and general happiness.

“The fact you can’t get a standard answer indicates that we don’t know. Women are rather complex creatures – men are much simpler – and this shows that some women fulfill some of those answers, neither are completely correct and neither are wrong.

“It is immensely complicated business and even if you have the most perfect breasts after surgery, you can still be miserable with them. And then sometimes we can look at the pictures and we may not like it or think we could have done better, and the client is ecstatic about it.”

What is clear is that when it comes to plastic surgery for breasts, motivation is a very important factor. For women who are deeply unhappy with their breasts, surgery may be a way of giving them back that confidence. But for women who have a general dissatisfaction with themselves and for whom body image is a much bigger problem, surgery could make it worse.

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