Botched up flyer July

Cosmetic Surgery Partners very own surgeon Nick Percival FRCS appears in tonight’s episode of ‘Botched up Bodies’ on Channel 5 at 9pm.

Botch Up Bodies is back for a second series to follow Britain’s top plastic surgeons as they work to put what’s wrong, right. Last year over 100,000 people in the UK were pricked, plumped, nipped and tucked – stumping up over 2.3 billion pounds in a bid to turn back the clock. But for an unfortunate 5% it’ll cost more than money, as they’ll end up with ‘Botched up Bodies’.

The first in the three-part documentary sees super sagging skin, blatantly botched boobs and totally terrible teeth all get fixed. With exclusive behind the scenes access, we meet the people whose bodies have been botched up and we’ll follow the hero surgeons whose job it is to fix the problems, finally giving these people the bums and boobs, faces and tums they’ve always wanted. From the removal of a 2 stone pendulous sack of excess skin following gastric bypass surgery, to the 35 thousand pound dental operation to repair a mouth wrecked by a Thai dentist, it’s extreme solutions to extreme cosmetic problems.

It only gets more shocking throughout the series, with episode two focusing on fixing a botched vagina, rippling boobs, and a nasty nose job. And part three of the series looking at the implants that never were, the woman who had bathroom sealant and glue injected into her face by a backstreet beauty therapist and a nose job that ended in disaster.

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