Bloodsugar selfies latest to raise funds for charity black



Bloodsugar Selfies Latest To Raise Funds for Charity


The team at global diabetes community are helping to raise awareness of diabetes and raise funds for charity with their latest initiative, bloodsugar selfies. Those suffering from the condition are taking selfies similar to the recent no makeup cancer selfie, #bloodsugarselfie and uploading these with their blood glucose meter and reading, whilst donating £5 to charity. This is being promoted via Europe’s largest diabetes Facebook group,


Arjun Panesar, Technical Director at comments:

“The #bloodsugarselfies are a great way for children and adults alike to realise they are not alone in managing their diabetes. In sharing their results with each other, people can see it’s not only themselves who experience high or low blood sugar (glucose) levels and can educate themselves on controlling diabetes at the same time.”


Louise, 43 comments:

” I was diagnosed at 11, I’m now 42. Diabetes is not the end of the world. Don’t let it define you. Yes you need to deal with it daily, but work round your life not the other way round.”


Kerry, mum of Jayden, 5 says:

“My 5 year old, the sweetest, most caring, sensitive little boy, was diagnosed with incurable type 1 diabetes April 2013. I had never heard of the 4 T’s of diabetes symptoms before but if I knew, then Jayden could have been diagnosed earlier and saved the horrible weeks stay in hospital. It is horrific watching your 5 year old being pinned down by doctors for blood samples and injections…if I had been more aware of diabetes he wouldn’t have been so poorly by the time he went in. I think blood sugar selfies to raise awareness is a great idea & if it raises money to help research its a bonus.” is a patient to patient forum which offers people with diabetes a platform where they can talk, support and help each other. Through Bloodsugar Selfies, they are hoping to raise awareness of the condition, whilst raising funds and offering sufferers the chance to share stories and swap knowledge. Whilst diabetes may not be a killer, it has many complications that need to be managed daily for example those with Type 1 have to test their blood sugar levels several times a day and also need to inject insulin often multiple times a day. Blood testing is currently mainly only used by type 1 and insulin dependent type 2 diabetics, but non-insulin dependent diabetics will benefit from blood glucose testing to help them manage their condition via


To read some of the inspirational stories or to post your #bloodsugarselfie please visit:


Editor’s Notes:

  • Funds are being raised for diabetes charities of individual choice
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