Author Tony Drury launches his fifth novel, ‘The Lady Who Turned’ 23rd September




tony drury

Tony Drury, author and city financier is launching his fifth novel, The Lady Who Turned. Tony, a well-known figure in the City who notably raised £2.8m in equity finance to establish Quercus Publishing, the publisher of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is also the chairman of Axiom Capital in London and of Alpha Returns, a Hong Kong based Investment Company whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange. His other interest is as an ambassador for HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity.

Megan’s Game, his first novel, is set to hit the silver screen and is being produced by Paul Tucker at Pinewood Shepperton. Following the success of his debut romantic thriller, he went on to publish The Deal, Cholesterol, A Flash of Lightning and his latest title all in the same genre.

The Lady Who Turned revolves round three impressive women, The Lady Magazine, and, in the background, the renowned Mrs T, the lady who was not for turning. Central to the story is Sarah Rudd, who finds herself and her family caught in a crisis which forces her to reconsider every aspect of her life, as a police officer and as a mother. The decisions she makes take her in unexpected and exciting directions.

Annabelle and Esther, both on the staff of ‘The Lady’ Magazine, also find themselves caught in a crisis – the magazine is under threat, and in resisting its takeover by hostile forces. Each woman finds herself having to go to extraordinary lengths to fight for what she values.

The criminal underworld and City financiers battle it out for dominance, and the ending comes unexpectedly at the graveside of the first woman prime minister of Great Britain, when the lady is seen at last to turn…

Guest speakers at the launch of The Lady Who Turned include Helen Robinson, Managing Director of ‘The Lady’ Magazine. Mark Niel, Poet Laureate of Milton Keynes, will recite a poem penned in celebration of the launch; The Lady’s Not for Spurning.