Aim-Straight – the device that helps men pee straight


Aim-Straight is a device that helps men to pee straight, and also helps detect prostate cancer and diabetes. This new disposable paper cone could help to save ‘millions of lives’ by being able to detect such diseases.

The flushable invention is slipped on to the penis to ensure a straight aim while urinating.

But the device goes further than merely preventing unhygienic splashes in the bathroom.

The device harbours a number of reagents which react to foreign bodies, including blood and glucose, in urine causing the paper to change colour, alerting men to potentially life-threatening health problems.

Aim-Straight is the brainchild of UK inventors Michael Shelton and Peter Maxwell. 

They believe it could also help stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections, as well as cut drink-drive convictions. 

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